The Saint Paul Public School District has proven to be a strong leader in educational reform and student achievement. Recognizing that these are the future employees of our members, we are committed to seeing that our young men and women emerge from the public education system as the leaders we know they can be.–Matt Kramer, President of the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce (Click here to read more... )

Because the district has a strong track record for responsible spending -- and because student achievement is improving -- voters should say "yes" to the request. –Start Tribune Endorsement (Click here to read more...)

Like so many in St. Paul, we want what's best for our kids. We join the business community in recommending a yes vote on the district's "Strong Schools, Strong Communities" referendum. We do so, however, with reservations -- primarily having to do with concern about the business acumen of big public school districts.–Pioneer Press Endorsement (Click here to read more... )

Failure to pass the Strong Schools, Strong Communities referendum will set education in St. Paul back at a time when we are seeing real and measurable results. That would be bad for the city, bad for employers and bad for our children.–Business Leader Mike Newman (Click here to read more... )

Strong public schools are critical to strengthening our communities and building the best possible future for our children. While there remains much work to be done, our children in the Saint Paul Public Schools have made promising progress over the past six years which simply cannot be sustained without the resources this referendum generates.–Councilmember Carter's Letter to Insight News (Click here to read more... )

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